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Industrial air curtain

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The fastest wind speed in general air curtain reduces heating and cooling cost.

The air curtain blocks a variety of dust, smoking, insects and smallest sand.

 It's easy removable filter attached on the suction side.

o. Product feature

-. Blocking insects, smoking, dust, odors by wind

-. Be mounting on the top of entrance door

-. Saving energy cost

o. Motor

-. SPC motor (Capacitor motor)

-. 120/220V 50/60Hz

-. Speed Controllable (HI/Middle/ Low)

-. Protection Class of Enclosure : IP44

-. Ins. Class : B or F

o. Casing  &  Impeller material

-. Casing material : Steel with powder painting

-. Impeller : GI steel


o. Commercial Application

-.General store, supermarket, Department store, shopping mall, Theaters, Waiting room

-. Entrances of freezers or refrigerators, storage spaces, factory assembly line, Garbage incineration